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Other Projects

Sometimes I do one-off projects that I don't know what to do with. This page will host those experiments. To date, I have two such projects with a third in the works. Both may be downloaded in the links to the right.

The first was my backlash to the falsehoods I perceived (and, let's be honest, perpetuated via my graphic design jobs) in the advertising industry. It isn't so much that I feel that advertising is inherently bad, I just think that it has typically relied too heavily on the general public's inability to distinguish truth from fiction in the imagery and ad messages. So, my "Advertising Warning Labels" were born. Download them, print them onto sticker sheets, and slap one on a deserving advertisement today!

The second project was an excuse for learning (at that time brand new) Adobe InDesign. I needed something that had lots of little things to manage, lots of text boxes, lots of structure, and something that appealed to my nerdiness. Though I hadn't played since high school, something compelled me to create Dungeons & Dragons character record sheets. I based my design off another sheet that was floating around the internet, added my own flare and graphics to it, then included two things I also wanted when playing the game in high school: graph paper and hex paper. I just always hated having to buy that stuff.