i like to draw small pictures

Icon Designs

I like working in Illustrator, though I got my start in vector graphics via Freehand. Over the years I've found that I have much more flexibility and control over vector art than raster. As such, I tend to spend 95% of my time doing stuff in Illustrator, then bringing that art into Photoshop for the creation of the web graphic, icon file, Cocoa application internal graphic, or what have you.

In addition to the icon designs for my own OS X applications, I did icon work for Macy's West internal projects, as well as a set of very well-received OS X icons depicting the full line of Infocom grey box releases.

If you like the work I've done, I'd be thrilled to be considered for icon work on your own project! Contact me with the details of your needs and maybe we can work something out.



OS X Icons for Infocom Grey-box Releases

I had originally done icons for the full Infocom grey-box releases in OS 9. The cover art was painstakingly redrawn, pixel by pixel (with one or two exceptions) to try and capture the feeling of the original art. Here's what those looked like...

A Mind Forever Voyaging Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur Ballyhoo Beyond Zork Border Zone Bureaucracy Cutthroats Deadline Enchanter The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Hollywood Hijinx Infidel Leather Goddesses of Phobos Moonmist Planetfall Plundered Hearts Seastalker Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels Sorcerer Spellbreaker Starcross Stationfall Suspect Suspended The Lurking Horror Trinity Wishbringer The Witness Zork 1 Zork 2 Zork 3 Zork Zero

Of course, once OS X showed up and increased the resolution from 32x32 pixels to 128x128 pixels, my job was clear. However, I couldn't reuse the original icons I had designed, plus I wanted to be prepared for the future. So, this time I drew full box art from scratch in Illustrator. I retypset everything, drew the Infocom logo to press quality standards, and redrew as much as could be redrawn in Illustrator with my skillset. Even the text that isn't readable in the icons is fully accurate in the Illustrator files. I wanted icons that attempted to simulate the feel of owning a boxed copy of the game. Many people only have digital copies that came in a compilation pack, or were provided for free online (like Zork I). Here's some samples to give you a taste of the increase in fidelity before downloading.



OS X Icons for My Personal Software Releases

Naturally, when I started doing my own development projects on OS X I had to use my design skills to polish my own software. Filewrangler's icon is a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator, while Bones' dice are drawn entirely in Illustrator.



OS X Icons for Macy's West

While I can't share the software for these icons, there is no reason not to show off the icon work, all drawn entirely in Illustrator. The red rocket was called the "Launcher" for an in-house Filemaker application. The grid-like icon was for an InDesign Applescript application for creating grid systems in a document. The CMYK target was an application onto which the user would drop a stack of InDesign files for batch printing.