freelance graphic art services for hire

Photo Retouch, Icon Design, Print, and Writing

I've done graphic design work both professionally and personally since 1993. 99% of my experience is in high resolution (300 dpi and greater) print work and the CMYK color space, but I have found those skills to be easily transferrable to screen-ready art needs.

As a former creative director for a series of magazines, I've done a lot of ad and story layout design (from concept to overseeing photo shoots to final art). My work as a retouch artist for Macy's print advertising taught me the Zen of retouching hundreds of photos a day every day for years. My personal explorations have taught me icon design, the joy of a well-crafted vector art file, and even some 3D modelling.

My journalism background, coupled with my technical know-how, has created in me a not-too-shabby technical writer. I did proprietary work for my former employer, but I can at least share the manuals I wrote and designed for my personal software projects Filewrangler and Bones (manuals are included in the .zip file downloads).

Full resumé here.


What you need...

  • You need a human eye to churn through lots of repetitive Photoshop work that cannot be automated.
  • You have a web-based business but now need print-ready press materials.
  • Someone who can take your technical ideas and present them in a way that is accessible by non-technically minded people or employees.
  • Icons for your in-house software projects.
  • An extra hand.


What I offer...

  • Expert knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite from a former beta tester for CS1 and CS2.
  • Many years of print expertise. I've been both a creative director for print magazines as well as a network manager for a print advertising department, with in-house prepress. I understand the entire process, soup to nuts.
  • Expert knowledge of creative workflows and creative deadlines.
  • A strong ability to distill business processes into their core essences and act methodically upon them.
  • Honesty. If I can't do what you need, I will explain in clear reasons why
    as well as explain what I think you DO need to get your work done.
  • Reasonable Price. My primary purpose for offering these services is to keep my skills and knowledge sharp.