some stuff i’ve drawn and written

Every Now and Then I Create Art That People Like

As with my other projects, I'm overdue in collecting some of the things people have enjoyed of mine over the years. Pinball table artwork reconstructions, weird Atari 2600 artwork, Infocom icons, and even an AD&D character record sheet.

While my primary interests these days lie in Macintosh development in OS X, I do still need to stretch my artistic legs from time to time. I can't say I've every had some particular artistic bent or itch that needs to be scratched on a regular basis; my work tends to jump around to fulfill needs I see here and there, no matter how trivial.

And hey, while I'm at it, I might as well put up some other things I'm doing or planning to do. I did some experiments in illuminated poetry a number of years ago, so why not share those early works? And maybe, just maybe, someone will run through this stuff and say, "Hey, I think this guy could help me with my own project."

I was Creative Director for Business to Business, Inc. and a Photoshop artist for Macy's West Sales Promotion. I wouldn't mind stretching my legs now and then by helping others with their occasional art needs. Take a look at my resume, then write me and let's talk.